4200 N Falcon Dr, Goodyear, Arizona 85395, United States


the MyHouse expandable bungalow design


It is a commonly held view that a flat roof will leak or will not support a heavy snow load.

 This is a totally valid concern, but the MyHouse Expandable Bungalow design takes  this into consideration.

The weight of snow can add up but the TJI structural roof system will support a Live Load of 70 psf. (lbs per sq. ft.)

This means that the flat roof system of the MyHouse Expandable Bungalow would support a dance floor above, well within the snow and wind load in a Northern climate.


Modern roof technology works better than ever.

The  MyHouse Expandable Bungalow  roof system incorporates a Firestone Rubber Cover (TM)  EPDM flexible membrane system that will last up to 50 years.

The roof is moderate in size and could be easily applied by a 2 person DYI team if need be.